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Our Organic Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas contain 100% organic whole wheat flour, provide 37g of whole grains, and are Non-GMO Project Verified. For four generations, we have been producing these artisan tortillas, silky soft with tasty little toast marks perfect for delicious wraps or burritos. 


(3) Organic Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas or (6) Organic Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas




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Jim Langell
These are awesome guys..... as good as it gets.... really...

Ok, I have bought the Corn, Flour and now the Whole wheat tortillas....They are really the best I have ever found, and not only in this state! I was worried the Whole wheat wouldn't be big enough for a burrito.. Not so, perfect! I hafta say they are now my favorite, I think they're the healthiest, and couldn't taste any better.... I appreciate ya shipping these to me across state, yer not makin any money off of my small orders... Thank you!

Victoria Francis
Fast delivery and wonderful product!

Couldn’t find them at my favorite store so I ordered online. The tortillas arrived very quickly and are delicious. I love that they are whole wheat with a short list of ingredients that are all healthy. They are soft and pliable enough to make wrapping ingredients for a burrito a breeze and then heat up nicely with just the right combination of warm with crispy edges. YUM!

Sandra WOON
Whole wheat tortillas

Your whole wheat flour tortillas are my favorite brand (great taste and texture). When they arrived they felt and tasted like they were just freshly made (what a treat). Thank you.

Nancy Henderson
Best Tortilla’s Ever!!!

Your tortilla’s are outstanding. A bit expensive but understandable in these times.

Emily Church
Best tortillas ever!

I love the whole wheat tortillas so much that I packed six packages in my luggage to take on a recent trip to visit friends and family on the east coast. When my supply ran low I was thrilled to dis over that Mi Rancho ships. I eat 1-2 tortillas a day. They’re simply the best!!